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  1. SpanielsRule

    Animal Communicators

    I've heard about animal communicators before and always wonder what my dog might be thinking. How does she feel she's being treated? How can I make her life even better? What does she like and dislike? Would she like a canine friend or is she content being the only dog in the home? There...
  2. SpanielsRule

    Dog Booties

    We generally try to stay in the grass when we take walks, but there are some parts of our walk where my dog needs to walk on the pavement. I worry about her little paws getting too hot on the pavement because it's been in the upper 90s so often this summer. I was thinking about investing in...
  3. SpanielsRule

    How Many is Too Many?

    I currently only have one dog. I'd consider adopting another if the circumstances were right, but I don't think I'd ever have more than two dogs at once. How many dogs do you think is too many to have? How many dogs do you think you could reasonably care for at once?
  4. SpanielsRule

    Agility Classes

    I've been thinking about enrolling my dog and I in an agility class to see if it's something she'd like to do. My dog is about 3 years old. Do you all think she could learn how to do agility courses at this age, even though she doesn't have any previous experience with them? Do any of you do...
  5. SpanielsRule

    What Do You Look for in a Groomer?

    Our current groomer is retiring, and I need to find a new one for my dog. I love our current groomer because she's so gentle with Lucy, and Lucy just loves her. Our groomer knows exactly what cut Lucy gets and always does a fantastic job! I'm going to ask some local friends for...
  6. SpanielsRule

    Natural Flea Preventives?

    I've always gotten my dog's flea preventive from our vet. However, I've seen a lot of talk about natural flea preventives lately, and I wonder how effective they are. One natural repellent I see mentioned often is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is supposed to be a good preventive...