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  1. HereSadie

    Animal Communicators

    Are they supposed to be psychics or are these professionals who have been trained to suss out genuine cues? I'd like to know what my dog is thinking, so long as it's based on science. I've heard of a behaviorist, but not a communicator.
  2. HereSadie

    Would you tell?

    No, I would never tell in that instance. The only time I would consider raising a fuss is if the person mistreated their pet. I hope the landlord changes his or her mind someday about allowing pets in the building.
  3. HereSadie

    Owners interfering with handling

    Thanks for replying, ZITA! I appreciate hearing the viewpoint of someone who sees it from both sides. If a tech or vet ever wants my help with my dog I hope they'll just ask me. I'm definitely interested in making things go smoothly.
  4. HereSadie

    Tied or Caged

    At our shelter, we do neither. The dogs stay in kennels at night, but they're roomy. The beds are elevated as is their food and water. There is room to use the restroom away from the sleeping and eating area. During the day they go outside into one of the fenced in yards to play. We have...
  5. HereSadie

    Going to the vet

    Sadie is a mutt and mixed-breeds tend to be healthier. She goes twice a year for a physical. She has blood work and gets her shots during one of those trips. According to the vet I really only need to bring her once a year and the blood tests are elective, but I don't give her the heartworm...
  6. HereSadie

    How long and often do you walk your dog?

    I have a big fenced in yard and a doggie door, so I don't take Sadie walking on a set schedule. Sadie has a small agility course that I change around for her. We play outside and she gets plenty of exercise. We pretty much go for walks when she wants to and the weather is nice. Sadie likes...
  7. HereSadie

    Money Saving Tips

    Oh, I see what you mean. I misunderstood how far things had gone. I've had a toothache before and it hurts like heck. I wouldn't want my dog to go through that. Tartar buildup also leads to gingivitis , so I definitely understand heading to the vet when you've got a problem. One of the...
  8. HereSadie

    Money Saving Tips

    The Maltese is such a gorgeous breed! I guess beauty is pain for dogs too. Have you tried given the dog those dental chews? They seem to do a good job of scraping off tartar
  9. HereSadie

    I hate crate training!

    Are you supposed to crate the puppy every time it's unsupervised? In other words, is it locked in when you take a shower, go shopping, go to work, and sleep for the night? I can't imagine that would be healthy. I'd be afraid crate training would make the pup leery of coming when called, but...
  10. HereSadie

    Professionals - how do you handle behavior issues?

    I believe we have some professionals on here who run boarding and daycare facilities. I'm curious about how you handle behavior issues, whether it's aggression or mischief. I'm assuming no one does the rolled up newspaper swat that was the go-to method of my grandfather's generation. So...
  11. HereSadie

    I scared my dog with a vacuum cleaner

    I'm sorry it's taken me so long to follow up here. I don't really have an update though. We're moving really slowly. No, just the one I used on her causes the response. Just the handheld. Should I get rid of it? I don't mind donating it to the shelter, but I was worried that Sadie would...
  12. HereSadie

    Money Saving Tips

    Brush your dogs teeth! It's much more affordable to do maintenance than it is to pay the vet bill for dental work. I like the two-headed brushes and only use the smallest end. It's easy once you get the hang of it.
  13. HereSadie

    Pet subscription boxes

    I used to subscribe to Petflow's Spoiled Rotten subscription boxes, but they're no longer offered. Sadie and I enjoyed them while they lasted. It was a great way to try new treats and toys and we're looking for a new subscription. Do you subscribe to any pet boxes?
  14. HereSadie

    What do you think about dogs wearing clothes?

    Sadie has clothes and she loves them. She'll literally wait until her jacket is on before she'll deign to go outside. It's all practical stuff for keeping warm like sweaters and vests for walks. She wears a cooling jacket in the summer sometimes. The groomer puts a bandanna around her neck...
  15. HereSadie

    What's the most amount of dogs you've owned at one time?

    We had seven when I was a kid too. Our neighbor passed away and left a note asking mom to take her dogs. Her kids were going to put them to sleep otherwise. Since we already knew the dogs and they got along with ours, we kept them. It was doable because we had an acre of land fenced in and...
  16. HereSadie

    First Aid For Vomiting

    My vet says that vomiting isn't usually a big issue unless you have reason to believe the dog has something stuck in its mouth or throat or the vomiting is accompanied by other symptoms like diarrhea or fatigue. Kaopectate is what the vet recommended in the past, so I keep some on hand. I...
  17. HereSadie

    Bitten by your own dog

    Did she ever find out the reason for her dog's behavior? I'm sure it feels like a betrayal to have something you love harm you. Then again, humans come out swinging against their own friends and family at times, so it's hard to hold dogs more accountable than we hold our own species. Maybe...
  18. HereSadie

    Do you think pit bulls get a bad rap? Should the owners be held responsible?

    Gosh, I waver back and forth on the pit bull issue. I wouldn't want to own one, even though I know some are great dogs. I do think the owners should be held responsible. That goes for any pet, though, not just dogs and not just pit bulls.
  19. HereSadie

    Money Saving Tips

    Check to see if your town has a Planned Pet-hood or similar service. Here they offer $10 shots and $25/$15 to spay/neuter dogs. Those prices are very affordable, so there's no excuse for not getting your pet fixed in my area.
  20. HereSadie

    I scared my dog with a vacuum cleaner

    I made a huge mistake! My friend's dog loves to have a handheld vacuum cleaner rubbed across her fur. Since Sadie likes to be brushed and she isn't afraid of my small handheld vacuum cleaner, I figured I'd try it. That was a very bad decision! Sadie ran to the basement and hid until I coaxed...