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  1. HereSadie

    Professionals - how do you handle behavior issues?

    I believe we have some professionals on here who run boarding and daycare facilities. I'm curious about how you handle behavior issues, whether it's aggression or mischief. I'm assuming no one does the rolled up newspaper swat that was the go-to method of my grandfather's generation. So...
  2. HereSadie

    Pet subscription boxes

    I used to subscribe to Petflow's Spoiled Rotten subscription boxes, but they're no longer offered. Sadie and I enjoyed them while they lasted. It was a great way to try new treats and toys and we're looking for a new subscription. Do you subscribe to any pet boxes?
  3. HereSadie

    I scared my dog with a vacuum cleaner

    I made a huge mistake! My friend's dog loves to have a handheld vacuum cleaner rubbed across her fur. Since Sadie likes to be brushed and she isn't afraid of my small handheld vacuum cleaner, I figured I'd try it. That was a very bad decision! Sadie ran to the basement and hid until I coaxed...
  4. HereSadie

    Hi there!

    I'm having a blast so far and am really learning a lot here. Sadie sends her thanks because I need a lot of work. Sadie is part chow and part lab. She came from a rescue group. She's a real saint honestly. Just a little overweight, but that bothers the vet more than me. Sadie loves to...
  5. HereSadie

    Dealing with Pet Loss

    The toughest part about having a pet has to be dealing with loss. Do you have any traditions or methods for easing the pain? If I know my pet is sick, I'll try to give them a week or so of the best time ever. That means their favorite treats in unlimited amounts, taking them on endless car...
  6. HereSadie

    Hot spots

    It's that time of year again when some dogs start gnawing away and making hot spots. Is there a way to prevent hot spots? I keep Sadie brushed and I try to discourage her from chewing, but she usually ends up wearing"the cone of shame" so she can heal. I wonder why dogs only seem to get hot...
  7. HereSadie

    Fundraising ideas

    Let's help one another out by sharing past fundraising events that were successful as well as those that were flops. Maybe it will help us with future fundraising ideas. My city's local Humane Society hosts events throughout the year, but one the biggest money makers is the fall auction...
  8. HereSadie

    Book recommendations?

    What are your go-to book recommendations for dog owners who want to learn more about training techniques? I'd like to find something that goes beyond the basics.
  9. HereSadie

    Pet peeves

    What are some of your pet peeves? As a dog owner and potential customer, what can I do so the appointment goes smoothly for us all.
  10. HereSadie

    Essential Oils and Dogs

    Some of my friends recommend using various essential oils on dogs and a few vets even sell them in their practice as complimentary medicine and training aids. Are there some essential oils that are beneficial to dogs or is it pseudoscience?
  11. HereSadie

    What makes a good pet sitter/dog walker?

    I'm looking for a petsitter to play with my large dog on the days that I work late. Do you have any tips for finding the right person for the job?
  12. HereSadie

    Training treats?

    My dog is most motivated by food. Which brand and style of treats do you recommend for training dogs that are a little too heavy already?
  13. HereSadie

    Keeping my dog entertained while I'm at work?

    Does anyone here have tips for keeping my dog Sadie entertained while I'm at work? She does okay when I leave her alone for short periods, but when I work longer she gets into mischief.