Animal Communicators

I've heard about animal communicators before and always wonder what my dog might be thinking. How does she feel she's being treated? How can I make her life even better? What does she like and dislike? Would she like a canine friend or is she content being the only dog in the home? There are so many things I'd love to ask my dog.

Have you ever used an animal communicator to talk to your dog? What would you ask your dog if you had the opportunity?


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Are they supposed to be psychics or are these professionals who have been trained to suss out genuine cues? I'd like to know what my dog is thinking, so long as it's based on science. I've heard of a behaviorist, but not a communicator.


I have heard of animal communicators. I think one even had a show on animal planet a few years ago. Personally I don't have money to spare on something that's so vague. Is it entertainment? Are they just going to tell me what I want to hear? I don't believe they have credentials, certainly NOT of those of a behaviorist. If anyone knows the basis of how they "communicate" please share with me.
But if there was a way to get questions answered ……#1 what more could I do to try & ease-erase the 5 years of horrific abuse you endured?
#2 Why must you be a bed piglet (she's 7lbs, too small for a bed hog, lol) No really, I end up with maybe 2 inches of mattress to spare on a good night:p:love: