Are cameras necessary at a boarding facility?


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For me they would be. I couldn't take my dog (future dog) to a facility, drop her off and then hope for the best. I need to have visual proof (at least on some level) via a webcam stream that things are going okay. Just like how people have nanny cams, I would need for any place where I choose to board my dog to have cameras. Would you take your dog to a place that doesn't have webcam access, especially a new place that you know nothing about?


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I would agree and if I ever expanded to a commercial environment cameras will be in the plan.

The only place that will be hard for cameras is in-home boarding. Many in-home boarders will not have cameras for quite a few reasons. In-home Boarding is a growing industry and ROVER would be a good example.

I suggest doing some thorough research when selecting a place for your dogs when traveling or have to leave your dogs behind.

There is a very good topic that was just started on leaving dogs behind when traveling and many ways to chose the right environment for your dogs.

TIP: Good tips on choosing the right environment when traveling...
Would you use a petsitter or boarding?
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To be honest, I really believe that I would not leave my dog behind for any reason whatsoever, barring an absolute emergency, if I went on a trip . I don't know, I guess I feel like it would stress the dog out entirely too much, it would be wondering if I was coming back. Of course there are times when leaving a pet behind is unavoidable due to a myriad of reasons that can come up in life, but if at all possible, I would take my pet with me.

I don't really think that I would trust an in-home boarder specifically because they don't have cameras. I have worked at some places where you would just not believe (or maybe you would) the kind of stuff that goes on behind closed doors. No one would ever suspect. That being said, my trust level is very low when it comes to things of this nature.


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Cameras for boarding facilities should be a must so we can review the events happened while our dog was with the boarding facility when something bad happened to our pet. I also don't trust strangers to take care of my pets no matter what the review says. I tend to leave our pets with a friend whom I trust.


Well, I also think that it is necessary for a boarding facility to have cameras but then I wouldn't rate one such facility, merely based on the presence or absence of these. It should be a requirement because you are much more relaxed when there's absolute proof that your dog is being well taken care of.


No one is going to take care of my pets as well as me. If a facility had cameras I'd watch them all day long and nitpick at every perceived infraction even if it made total sense. I can see it now, "Oh, you put my puppy in time-out for playing rough? He barely nipped at that bulldog. Well, why isn't that bulldog in time-out too for not sharing his ball with my pup?" I'd also time how long dog waste remained on the floor and would feel the need to call if I felt it was too long. Yikes! No, that wouldn't be healthy at all and it would create unrealistic expectations that the facility will never be able meet simply because they aren't me.

I'd get recommendations from friends and family and I'd visit the facility to see how they handle things before choosing one. Whether the facility had cameras wouldn't matter as much. It would be a nice perk and I'd check it often, but a camera isn't necessary.
I think it's very beneficial for boarding facilities to have cameras. Not only do cameras allow us, as loving pet parents, to check in on our beloved dogs, the cameras keep staff accountable to their actions. It might sound a little cynical, but I believe that when people know they are being watched, they are on their best behavior and take special care to do things the right way.