Are you your dog's favorite person?


Of course you are! But I found this behavioral study about how dogs interact with people they don't know when they're in different places to be interesting. (The link to the official study is in the article.) It didn't surprise me that dogs are more likely to spend time with an unknown person at home where they're comfortable, but the percentage of time (70%) was unexpected. I thought it would be closer to a 50/50 ratio.


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Seems like a lot of variables to consider in this study. Some dogs don’t like petting. Some dogs diffuse situations by hanging out with the “stranger”.


Nobody ever comes to see me. They always come to see my pugs, or so they think. I'm not even in the room when there is company in the house. When company leaves they go back to being perfect lap dogs again. I guess my girls will fall into that 70% category of spending more time with others when in their own home.


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I'm not sure whether I completely go with the study. After reading about this research, it seems like the variables are not enough and the type of test is inconclusive to me because they didn't include testing of the same breed type, same age type, or same gender type. This is just my opinion and I shouldn't be the judge for the research they have done.