Beagle Puppy Bullied By Huskies


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A friend of mine has sold me a Beagle puppy for a cheap price because his 3 fully grown Huskies were playing with the Beagle like a ball. This puppy was very aggressive and afraid when we got him, but now he is calmer and more active. I just read the article that Vinny posted here and now it makes more sense why this puppy acted that way before.


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Multi dog households or having multi dogs together is always tricky. I find going slow with introductions is always best and reading body language and stepping in when necessary. I always micro manage new intros until I get to know all dogs involved. Glad some of the articles here are being helpful :)
The poor puppy was probably pretty traumatized by the Huskies. I'm sorry he went through that. I'm glad he feels safe in your home so he can let his guard down and be himself.

Slow introductions are always important in multi-dog households, as @Vinny noted. Paying attention to each dog's body language during introductions is essential so that you can go at their pace.