Cleaning up "accidents"


Did you know that using a steam cleaner as a way to remove urine stains and disinfect the area actually makes things worse? The steam causes the stain and odor to set in more deeply. I had no idea and that's exactly how I've been cleaning up accidents. After reading the informative article here, I know the old urine odors signal to my puppy that it's okay and maybe even important to mark the house. It's like I'm setting Pip up for failure. Have you been through this? What urine cleaner do you recommend?


Resolve carpet and stain cleaner is something that works really, really well. Other things might work better, I don't know, but Resolve has always been my go-to. There are several different Resolve products, so you'll probably be able to find one you like and that suits your needs. No steam cleaner needed.

I didn't know that steam cleaning makes urine stains worse, but it makes sense. I had to learn the hard way that some stains will 'set' if you wash them in hot water. So, certain food stains on clothes or on towels, I'll soak them first in cold water to get the stain out, then wash whatever the item is in cold water, then wash it in hot water if I really feel like the item needs to be washed in hot water for whatever reason. All my harshest stains get the cold water treatment first, several times if necessary, then comes the hot water.:)
I didn't know that steam cleaning could do that. It's definitely important for us to get the smell out so that our dogs don't think it's okay to continue to urinate in that spot.

Personally, I really like the Nature's Miracle line of cleaning products. I hear baking soda and vinegar are also effective at removing odors.