Going for a short vacation


I will be taking some time off at the end of the year and whereas I have always enlisted the services of a friend or neighbor in the past, I have gotten recommendations about a certain facility in the city. Several people have given good reviews about but then should I just take their word for it? I am thinking of doing an impromptu visit, just to have a feel of what goes on in there.


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This is one of my professions as I do in Home boarding. It’s a great question on how to choose the right place for your dog.

So much goes into to this and I would recommend if you can get personal recommendations. I feel if someone has been using a place they can get a good feel of how it operates.

Second as you mentioned already do research and look for reviews.

Also look for any professional accreditation’s that actually have some credit in the industry :)
Maybe behavior specialist, petsitter organization certificates eg...

Ask a lot of questions in different ways:

What will you do if my dog does this? If he jumps, barks, plays rough with other dogs? Asking questions like this you can get an idea of how they will handle any undesired behaviors they might be observing throughout the stay.

Hope this helps a bit as it is such a great question!


I had never thought about accreditation at any point @Vinny so thank you for that. It is actually great to hear from a real professional and I agree that such kinds of questions will help in making the final decision. I came to realize that as much as there are many such facilities, only a few of them stand out.
I would definitely ask your vet if he or she has ever worked with the facility and if they have any recommendations for you.

I think it's a great idea to stop in and see how they operate. Stopping in during their business hours will give you an opportunity to see how they function day-to-day. They may not have time to give you a tour if you just stop in, but if you feel comfortable with your first impression, you could schedule a tour with them and even see if you can bring your dog to see how he or she reacts to the staff.

You could also do a little trial run before your vacation and leave your dog there for one night to see how it goes.

I hope it works out well for you!