How long and often do you walk your dog?


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Ideally what do you think is the set amount of time that you should walk a dog every day? I think lack of exercise is one of the biggest issues that dogs face. I know there are some owners who walk their dogs every day to let the dog 'do its business' but that's not the same thing as a long exercise session. Do you think exercising a dog three times a week is okay, or should it be done more frequently than that? It's great that dog walking services exist and cater to people who want their dogs to get enough exercise, but I think dogs need to run and play regularly too, not just get walked.


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Exercise needs vary and what comes to mind when walking is concerned is how old the dog is as well as the energy levels. I try to walk my dogs for at least 30 minutes each day. I have come across people who say that walking your dog for fifteen minutes twice a day is a good place to start.


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I don't have the luxury of time to frequently walk my dog so I let my friend, who also loves dogs, walk Woolsy every afternoon, as long as it is not raining. I walk Woolsy during the weekends so we can also have time to bond together.


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I have a big fenced in yard and a doggie door, so I don't take Sadie walking on a set schedule. Sadie has a small agility course that I change around for her. We play outside and she gets plenty of exercise. We pretty much go for walks when she wants to and the weather is nice. Sadie likes to go for rides too.

When we go for walks it's exploratory. I don't walk slightly ahead and expect her to follow closely. She has a harness, goes in her own direction, and I follow. From what I've seen on television that's not the way we should do it. How do you all walk together?


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I try to walk my dog at least 15 minutes a day, more if the weather is nice. I also have a fenced-in backyard and let her out everyday to enjoy time in the yard. I try to play fetch with her in the yard for a little bit every evening after dinner. It's our time to bond.