How Many is Too Many?

I currently only have one dog. I'd consider adopting another if the circumstances were right, but I don't think I'd ever have more than two dogs at once.

How many dogs do you think is too many to have? How many dogs do you think you could reasonably care for at once?


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Great question and when it comes to behavior many questions are answered with "It Depends". Depending on each dogs overall temperament in my opinion will help me decide how many would too much :). If I had 5 dogs and they get along great 95% of the time that will be awesome. On the other hand if I had three rambunctious teens getting into trouble every day or not getting along that might be too much.

Great question and what I always suggest when adding a new member is go slow and do intros with each of your resident dogs. Doing intros and taking your time will give us a better idea if it's a good fit. Puppies on the other hand is like starting with a new slate and good socialization plan would help all dogs get along and live amongst each other.