Pet peeves


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What are some of your pet peeves? As a dog owner and potential customer, what can I do so the appointment goes smoothly for us all.


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Hi @HereSadie - can you explain what the appointment is for exactly? Who with - a sitter, walker, groomer or vet tech - and why?

I love that pun by the way - "pet peeves" ;)


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I believe this section of the forum is mainly for professional vet techs and groomers. Sadie sees both. Our vet is fantastic, but the vet tech honestly does most of the work. Sadie goes to the groomers twice a month usually. I wanted their take on how to make the appointments go smoothly. What can I do as an owner to make things easier for them?


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From a behavior point of view we will always suggest desensitizing at an early age and definitely during a puppies critical/imprint stage. We find that desensitizing and or counter conditioning to anything scary or novel such as handling, new locations and the tools groomers use.

We suggest introducing your dog to all of this in a positive way and it will definitely make groomers and vet techs jobs easier or anyone that handles your dogs.

Hopefully we have some members in the grooming and vet tech professions to chime in for more tips.