Professionals - how do you handle behavior issues?


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I believe we have some professionals on here who run boarding and daycare facilities. I'm curious about how you handle behavior issues, whether it's aggression or mischief. I'm assuming no one does the rolled up newspaper swat that was the go-to method of my grandfather's generation. So, what's your method for restoring order and keeping everyone safe. Also, how often do you get a dog that acts out? Do you believe the dog behaves that way at home too?


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Great question and we can probably talk for hours on this topic. For me it all starts with a phone call with an owner to take a detailed history report. A good history report will basically give us an idea of a dogs overall temperament in different environmental context. This report will also let us know if we have any red flags eg like a bite history.

After that we decide from our history report on how we will set up our meet and greets. We then meet the dog and decide if and when we implement them into our environment. It's actually using management before we send dogs into a play group. We have to go through all our protocols and watch body lanaguage before we let dogs interact.

Definitely no rolled up newspapers :) We manage teach and use lots of space management to separate dogs if they need a break. Dogs are very space sensitive therefore if you step in between two dogs chances are they will disengage.

The key to setting all dogs up for success is really going through these steps and trusting your gut and observable body lanaguage 110% before you send them on the floor (play groups).

Hope this helps? Dog boarding and daycare is a broad topic so feel free to ask questions or dd opinions.


I think that the best thing to do is to always consult a professional. One particular behavior that has always been of concern is when there are incidences of excessive barking. How is this best approached?