What Do You Look for in a Groomer?

Our current groomer is retiring, and I need to find a new one for my dog. I love our current groomer because she's so gentle with Lucy, and Lucy just loves her. Our groomer knows exactly what cut Lucy gets and always does a fantastic job!

I'm going to ask some local friends for recommendations for a new groomer, but what do you all look for in groomers? How often do you take your dog to get groomed?


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All I can add right now is asking for recommendations from friends family or other dog owners in your area. Tricky topic because we all hear so often the bad news about professionals handling dogs wrong. I'll have to ponder on this one and hopefully others will chime in. I would also ask lots of questions:

What or how would you handle my dog if he is misbehavior or getting mouthy?

I always like to here how someone like a pro will handle different situations when dealing with undesired behaviors.


I don't want my dogs to be put in a cage to dry. They can quickly overheat and that's supposedly why some dogs died at Petco and Petsmart while getting groomed. So, I ask the groomer to blow dry them with a hair dryer on the grooming table or floor. I'm happy to pay extra for that service. I won't use a groomer who insists on cage drying. My two older dogs go about once a month, but Pipsqueak hasn't been yet.